Razorcandi- The Deathrock model

Hello my friends, my name is Patrick bats I'ma DRCA (Deathrock California) I am today to talk about an actress known throughout the north of the United States called Kym. Kym and a model deatrockque poses for work in several journals uncontrollable world of deathrock magazines: Drop Dead Magazine, Imago Magazine. with you and let the biographies of this great model thanks bats

My name is Kym. I've been modeling part-time for about 8 years now. I've recently moved away from Tampa, Florida and am now living in Romania and looking for photographers around the area.

I truly enjoy art, it is my passion, my muse. I model because I simply enjoy doing it, more so for the artistic expression than getting dressed up to look pretty in front of a camera. I am keen on anything original or new, I have an open mind when confronted with anything out of the ordinary, I love a challenge. My look is extremely versatile and I can pull off pretty much anything with the appropriate styling. I am open to traveling as long as expenses are paid. I am for the most part currently interested in modeling wardrobe, avant-garde, high fashion, odd, imaginative fashion, fantasy, and paid assignments. I no longer need work for my portfolio and am not interested in TFCD/TFP unless you have some exceptional & interesting ideas/props/locations you'd like to work with.

I have experience as a go-go dancer and I am interested in working events.

I have a creative wardrobe with many different outfits, shoes, wigs/weave, and makeup. I have done all my own make up, styling and hair in all of my photos posted however I don't mind working with other stylists.

until I have time to update more photos you can see more photos here: myspace.com/razorcandi


flyer for Interface @ Club Underground-2004

flyer for Zombie Party @Undead Dark Club, Spain - 2004

Drop Dead Magazine - Volume 0 - 2005

Weekly Planet - 07/2005

flyer for Dead and Buried, London - 2005

flyer for Mardi 1 Fevrier @ Sunset Cafe, France - 2005

flyer for Drop Dead Festival III @ Knitting Facotry and Avalon (old limelight) NYC - 2005

flyer for Drop Dead Magazine release party - 09/2005

St. Petersburg Times "Dead Dollies" - 10/2005

Gothic Beautiy - Issue 19/2006

Drop Dead Magazine - cover - Volume 1 - 2006

flyer for Drop Dead Festival IV - 2006

Dungeon Dolls #1 - cover - 06/2007

Dungeon Dolls #2 - cover - 06/2007

Goth Craft "The Magical Side of Dark Culture" by Raven Digitalis - 08/2007

Secret Magazine - Fetish Photography Vol. 5 -08/2007

Imago Magazine - Canada - The Marriage Issue - 09/2007

Gothic Magazine - Germany - 07/2008


"Ladies Room" Fashion/Art show @ Vitale Gallery St. Petersburg, FL 5/21/2005

"Crave" Fashion show @ The Bank nightclub in St. Petersburg, FL 7/3/2005

"Wearable Art" Fashion Show @ The Dunedin Fine Art Center, FL 7/29/2005

"Dead Dollies" Fashion Performance - Tampa, FL 10/15/05

Fashion Show @ The Bank - St. Petersburg FL 12/10/05

Sin's of the Flesh - Ybor City FL 4/01/06

Convergence XII - New Orleans LA 4/15/06